Beeswax Infinity Wraps (5 Pack of Assorted Sizes)


Protects your food while letting it breath naturally. 100% cotton fabric infused with beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil and oregano oil. Lasts for one year and is compostable once you are finished with each wrap. 

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Gently scrub. Let it air dry. Use it again.. and again....and again.....

To Activate: Crumple each wrap up in your hands before using for the first time. The warmth of your hands will allow the wrap to be malleable and mould to surface like plates and bowls. Wraps can be used to wrap food items like half an apple, sandwiches or cheeses. 

Avoid extreme heat like microwaves, ovens, and hot temperatures. Not recommended for use with raw meat.