Brookers BBQ Pulled Pork (680g), Frozen

  • All our pork is local Ontario pasture raised without the use of any antibiotics or added hormones!
  • Just heat and serve
  • 1.5 lbs

Tom Brooks the owner of Brooker’s Natural Meats in Schomberg, Ontario has established a unique way to bring Ontario meats to a few select stores.    Along with a team of farmers in Harriston, Ontario, Tom established a breeding program for cattle, pigs and chickens and hires these farmers to raise them on grass pastures and free-run chicken pens. The animals are raised as naturally and as stress free as possible and are shipped to nearby, provincially inspected facilities to make sausages and cuts of meat to Brooker’s recipes. Tom’s philosophy about meats is, “If it doesn’t need to be added—then don’t add it.”

Ingredients: pork, BBQ sauce, Diana chicken and rib sauce, brown sugar, salt garlic. Contains: mustard, soy, fish, sulphites