Bread Baked on Thursday (Order by 8am)


The best ingredients coupled with a great recipe, then hand formed, make our bread something special.

Please note we are now packaging all fresh bread in paper bags to reduce our single use plastic. We'd recommend you transfer the bread into a reusable container at home to keep it fresh. If you prefer your bread in a plastic bag please leave us a note with your order. 

Multigrain: the name says it all.

Pilgrim: our twist on white bread. Wheat and rye flour with just a little corn meal. 

Cinnamon Raisin: toast it and butter it for a tasty snack!

Rye Bread:  a round loaf with a very pleasing flavour.

Farmers: a light and fluffy loaf, perfect for sandwiches or paninis. 

We make our bread fresh every morning, so to ensure that we have freshly baked bread ready for your order, we ask you to order before 5am on the day of pickup.

For same day orders placed after 5am, please choose our fresh frozen bread

Ingredients (Pilgrim): all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, water, cornmeal, brown sugar, rye flour, oil, instant yeast, salt

Ingredients (Multigrain): all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, water, cracked wheat, cracked rye, yeast, flax seed, canola oil, salt

Ingredients (Cinnamon Swirl Raisin): all purpose flour, water, raisins, sugar, eggs, oil, instant yeast, milk, powder, salt, cinnamon

Ingredients (Farmers): all purpose flour, water, molasses, oil, instant yeast, sugar, salt

Ingredients (Dark Rye): rye flour, all purpose flour, cocoa, oil molasses, brown sugar, salt, yeast, water