Organic Lemon Juice (250mL)


Organic lemon juice not from concentrate

Lip-smacking good

Our organic lemons bask in the sun-drenched corner of northwest Sicily in perfect humidity with the azure Mediterranean off the coast and the towering Mount Etna in the background. Earth’s Choice works directly with a fourth-generation family business that is commitment to traditional cultivation practices to produce the best citrus juices.
  • Organic & Kosher certified
  • 100% Not from concentrate
  • No preservatives
  • Only lemons/limes
  • No water added, production enzymes nor artificial flavours


  • How long can juices last after opening: 2-3 months refrigerated.
  • Will juices ferment and go bad causing a health concern: Citrus juice has a pH of 2.3-2.5; fermentation is not possible and will not cause any health risks.