Sandwich Kit (makes 5 sandwiches)

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Each sandwich kit includes:

- 10 slices of frozen bread 

- 300-320g of sliced meat (60-64g per sandwich)

- 6 slices of cheese

- 1/3 head lettuce

- 1 XL field tomato

Each sandwich kit comes with your choice of supplies to make 5 sandwiches. Our bread is baked in a square pan (so each sandwich will be the same size) and comes frozen so it stays fresh all week.

The oven roast turkey is from Mclean Meats (made without preservatives), country ham is from Jo & John (locally made by hand), and the German salami is from Wagener's (locally made)

Choose between cheddar or Swiss cheese from Empire cheese (locally made). Each option comes with 6 slices, so you'll have one extra to snack on while you're making sandwiches :)

We also carry the following condiments that go great on these sandwiches: