Velvet Sunrise Whole Coffee Beans (400g)


If you live in central Stouffville you might remember when Mark Hayward was experimenting roasting coffee from his home. Or perhaps these days you can smell roasting coffee as you drive down the western end of Stouffville where his Velvet Sunrise roastery is now located at Ringwood Dr.   As the roast master, Mark selects quality green beans as the foundation of roasting and then does a further process of sampling, roasting, cupping, and scoring for choosing the best beans and the best roast level for each coffee variety.

Reesor's Blend- signature filter blend, medium roast

Huila- Colombia, single origin, medium-light roast

Black Velvet Blend- signature filter blend, dark roast

Velvet Blend- signature filter blend, medium roast

San Isidro Copan Ruinas- Honduras, seasonal features, medium roast

Decaf Blend- filter blend, medium roast

Velvet Espresso- signature espresso blend, medium roast

Nutcracker- seasonal feature, earthy, nutty, dark chocolate, medium roast