Wellesley Glass Bottle Juices & Cider (1.89L)


A 100% pure Sweet Apple Cider made from a select variety of Ontario grown fresh apples. Wellesley uses up to five (5) different varieties of apples to make this pure sweet cider. Apples that have been tree picked & selected for their quality & variety are thoroughly brush washed & inspected, before going to be processed.

This Sweet Apple Cider is then filtered & pasteurized into glass bottles. Note, they do not add any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or water. This is 100% juice from fresh apples. Naturally good. Naturally sweet. Stores for up to one year unopened. Refrigerate after opening.

Each 175 ml serving contains 86Cal./360kj & 22 grams of naturally occurring sugar. Absolutely refreshing Hot or Cold. Wellesley Sweet Apple Cider makes it easy to enjoy your Apple a Day!

Sweet Apple Cranberry Cider: An excellent & refreshing taste combination. Wellesley's 100% pure Sweet Apple Cranberry Cider is made from carefully selected Canadian grown apples & 100% pure Cranberry concentrate. No sugar added, no water or preservatives. Fully pasteurized. Delicious hot or cold this cider has 90 Cal./380kj and 23 grams of naturally occurring sugar per 175ml serving. Stores up to one year unopened. Refrigerate after opening.