Wellesley Sweet Apple Cider (2L)


In a plastic bottle, always refrigerate.

This truly is the king of Wellesley brand fresh pressed sweet apple ciders. It has the refreshing crisp taste of biting into a fresh apple. At Wellesley, they use only the finest quality tree picked apples to make this pure juice.

After inspecting & brush washing, the apples are turned into a pomace which is then pressed on a huge rack & cloth press. This method of pressing apples gives this type of fresh pressed apple cider its excellent characteristics, quality taste, and appearance. This cider looks darker & is more cloudy because it has not been filtered as much as other brands. This means more of the natural pectins & flavourful solids are still in the juice giving it a superior taste. The cider is then flash pasteurized & quickly chilled, before it is packaged into bottles.

Truly delicious cold, but when you heat it up this cider becomes absolutely fantastic. Try it with a stick of cinnamon to stir.